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Lexus – Toyota – Acura – Honda – Infiniti – Nissan – Mazda
All Exact services are performed to ensure that the manufacturers warranty remains in effect by using factory fluids and parts. Exact has the ability to keep service records current including stamping maintenance records. We also provide useful information regarding warranty services required on your new vehicle.

Exact provides service on non-warranty items from routine oil changes to engine/drive-train repair. Additionally, Exact provides leather repair, paintless dent removal, windshield repair, and custom painting.

Types of autos serviced: Lexus, Toyota, Acura, Honda, Infiniti, Nissan, Mazda
A secure early/late key drop is available.
Shuttle service is provided, if necessary, to and from your home and/or office.
We accept online appointment scheduling using our online form.
Exact’s pricing is at least 20% lower than dealer pricing.
Hours of service are 7:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Monday through Friday.
Exact is closed on nationally recognized holidays.

Basic Service:

☑ Oil & Filter Change
☑ Headlight restoration


☑ Spark plugs – Replace
☑ Air filter – Replace
☑ Cabin filter – Replace
☑ Timing belt – Replace
☑ Drive belts – Replace
☑ Wiper blades – Replace

Malfunction indicators:

☑ Check Engine Light
☑ Service Engine Soon light
☑ Airbag
☑ ABS/Traction Control light

Electricial problems:

☑ Batteries Sell and Install
☑ Computer systems (OBD2)
☑ Electronic systems
☑ Starting & charging
☑ Exterior lights
☑ Interior lights
☑ Power windows
☑ Cruise control
☑ Alternator
☑ Power seats

Scheduled Maintenance:

☑ A service
☑ B service
☑ C thru H service
☑ All scheduled service
(e.g. 30K, 75K, etc)
☑ We stamp & validate all maintainence books.


☑ Axle/CV joints (FWD)
☑ Driveshaft repair (RWD, 4WD)
☑ Clutch Repair /replacement
☑ Differential repair
☑ Four Wheel Drive Systems


☑ Diagnostics
☑ Performance Tuning
☑ Service/Repair Major
☑ Service/Repair Minor

Steering & Suspension:

☑ Wheel bearing noise
☑ Struts or shocks
☑ Power steering fluid leaks
☑ Steering wheel vibration
☑ Suspension


☑ Tire replacement
☑ Tire balancing
☑ Flat tire repair
☑ Alignment
☑ Rotation

Brakes (Standard or ABS):

☑ Brake pads & rotors
☑ Brake fluid flush
☑ ABS wheel-speed sensors


☑ Automatic transmission service
☑ Shifting problems
☑ Transmission fluid leaks
☑ Transmission repairs

Heating & A/C service:

☑ Air conditioning
☑ Heater
☑ Blower motor issues

Cooling System:

☑ Overheating engine
☑ Anti-freeze leak
☑ Coolant drain & Fill
☑ Radiator replacement
☑ Water pump replacement

Other Services:

☑ Pre-Purchase inspection
☑ Headlight restoration
☑ Emission system repair
☑ Fuel system repair
☑ Hydraulics
☑ Ignition system
☑ Mufflers & Exhaust
☑ Oxygen sensor – Replace
☑ Catalytic Converters

Most regular maintenance can be completed in an hour.
More extensive services may take more time.

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Hours: 7:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.,
Monday through Friday.

Exact Performance is closed on nationally recognized holidays.

A secure early / late key drop is available.

New vehicle still under warranty?  We can service it and save you money.

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